An Infographic on “Business Consulting” by “Zipursky” Brothers of BCB

Recently i took part in a Survey which was conducted by the “Business Consulting Buzz”, today they have shared their survey findings, The Info graphic below reveals how the Consulting Business works!

It also gives us lot many ideas in a very subtle way about the opportunities and potentials in the Consulting Domain.

The survey clearly indicates that, the Conventional way of Marketing & Promoting the business is not so attracted many, and the Networking and Referrals are the one which yield potential business opportunities.

Consultants & their Entrepreneurial Spirit: 28% of the Consultants said that, they have been practicing as a consultant for a less than 3 Years! And also 30% of them claims that, They have chosen this Profession “to be the Boss on their Own“. Yes, It is True! To be a successful Consultant one has to have “Entrepreneurial Spirit” in them!

This Survey confirms the Common fact that, The Consulting Business is a One Man Show! Yes, about 50% of the participants were running their operation on their own and have no Employees in their Pay Role! Only 33% of them have 1-3 Employees in their Team.

Being a Start Up Consulting / Business Development Service Provider, this Survey Info graphics giving us many insights and certainly helps us to do Course-correction in our day to day business promotional activities.

Thanks to Zipursky Brothers!

Source: Business Consulting Buzz – Thanks to “Zipursky” Brothers!

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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