Linked In’s Trend Analysis of your Social Status Updates

Linked In is one of the best platform for knowledge sharing! Professionals around the world share good and high rich contents published in their Blog or Web sites in the form of Articles and Posts. Recently Linked In enabled Trending Updates of your Posts. Which is similar to the Post analytic but in very simple graphical form. [If you Log in your account you can find them in your Right side below the “Profile Viewer” details.]

11Above i have shared the graphic, in which for a particular post update of mine, the trend figures have been given. The Blue Colour indicates the Number of Users Visits, The Orange color dot indicates “Comments” by that Visitor, Green Colour Dot indicates “Like”.

It also shows the Visits by the connections, 1st Level – in First Green Inner circle, 2nd and 3rd Level Connection Views in a dotted circles. This will shows the influence of post.

If a status update by me get liked by the Connection of mine, the post will gets boosted and shown to its connection that is 2nd Connections, the post gets visitor base!

This option also shows the analysis for our previous posts too… You can check << Who viewed  your Posts >> and scroll forward and backward to choose particular posts Trend.

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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