Hot Spot and Performance Analysis for Solar Power Plants

Solar Panel Normal Image   Solar Panel Thermal Image Image Source: Thermal Image Audit Report []

The Solar Panels Convert Sun Light into Energy, the performance of the Solar panels can be measured by assessing the Energy generated by the Plant / Panel. Probably there will be many methodologies to evaluate the performance of Solar Panels,

We have recently done an analysis on how a Thermal Image analysis can help the Engineers to identify the Problems in the Panels and prevent it in advance.

The Solar Panels do generate Heat Emissions. The Performance of the Cells can be determined by the heat Generated at the Cell Surface. Solar Cell in the Panel which performing good produce less heat than the ineffective cells. This will be shown as a Hot Spot in the Image, which can be further analyzed for Troubleshooting.

This Hot Spot Analysis can be done at the Newly Installed Solar Plant as well as Year Old facility.

If the Solar Panel produces Less Electricity, it usually generates More heat than other cells, with the thermal Image study we can easily identify the Ineffective cells, A Study by Mr. Kimpel of Flir claims the same.

The primary reasons for these Hot Spots of In effective is due to the “Non-Uniformities” in the Multicrystalline silicon wafers used during Production of these Panels, this results in to less performance of the Panels that is less Energy generation.  The hot spot assessment helps us to find the Non Uniformity  and helps the investors to identify the panel faults during the project initiation itself.

Apart from the Cell Non Uniformity, the Solar Panel’s performance can get affected by broken cells, broken glass, water leakage, broken soldering points, defective sub strings, defective bypass diodes, delamination of the semi-conductor material, defective connectors, etc.

The Thermal Imaging of Solar Panels needs special Expertise. We have done studies with the consideration of Angles, Reflection and the Time Durations.

Commercial Query can be posted to us to carry out Thermal Study.

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