Acheive Improvement with 1 Percent gain – Grow Fast than expected!!!

What will happen if we pay little attention to the marginal gains and continue our efforts to address the same?, have you ever tried that?

Being an Energy Conservation expert, i advise my clients to pay more attention on the small things which they have easy access to implement and adopt. i would like to discuss my latest learning on the phenomenon called “Aggregate of Marginal Gain” is a powerful and effective methodology to achieve improvement.

David Brailsford.jpgIn 2010, British Cyclist Trainer Brailsfoard took up a tough task, to train the British Cycling Team to win the “Tour de France,  in order to train the cyclist to win, he asked them to improve performance improvement in a margin of 1% in everything they do. His belief was if the cyclists improve anything related to their performance with the margin of 1 %, those small gains will add up and give a remarkable results when aggregate with time.

Yes, the concept helped the British Cyclists to win the title in less than three years time and also they won gold medals in Olympics!!!

This idea, improving the performance by just 1 percent may not be a “catchy” at an instant! but it is more meaningful and deliver results in long run.  In other way we can say “aggregate of 1% increase” in marginal losses will bring devastating results.  Many business issues often reveals us that, the problem may not be of instant type, it was likely an aggregated results of small issues which exists for a long time and un noticed.

I came across this graphical representation, this clearly shows, 1% improvement and 1% decline both shows no difference at all, but with the prolonged time, it starts aggregated and shows huge impacts.

Inspiration for this image came from a graphic in .

This even applies to the individual people who make small improvements in the way they do things on a daily basis.
So, Shall we start pay attention to the small improvements with the marginal gains with the bigger results in our vision?

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