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Shaping the Future of Manufacturing – Mckinsey Views

McKinsey director Katy George explains why manufacturers needs to re-think their strategies as the Energy, Labour and operational costs are increasing. She discuss on, Global Manufacturers needs to re think which needs to manufacture near to the demand and which needs to be manufactured with the innovative supply base.  #Nextshoring #Proximity2Innovate #Proximity2Efficiency Manufacturers needs to work with their supplier

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Future is not “Green” its Transparent!

The Future is Transparent!! Yes, Solar Plants are “The Solutions” for the climate Change but in the mean time new innovative ideas are also sprouting up.  RawLemon, a startup company founded by architect André Broessel, changed the way we see the solar Energy harnessing. The traditional way of harnessing the Sun’s energy is through the PV Panels by covering the

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Tiny Wind Mills for Generating Electricity

Imagine having a Windmill in your hand to charge your mobile!!! Yes, with the latest research and prototype development using MEMS [Microelectromechanical Systems] by Professor J.C. Chiao and Dr. Smitha Rao of the University of Texas at Arlington likely could make it possible. This technology  could shake up the power industry and make emergency recharges possible. Unlike the industrial windmills

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