Future is not “Green” its Transparent!

The Future is Transparent!! Yes, Solar Plants are “The Solutions” for the climate Change but in the mean time new innovative ideas are also sprouting up.  RawLemon, a startup company founded by architect André Broessel, changed the way we see the solar Energy harnessing.

The traditional way of harnessing the Sun’s energy is through the PV Panels by covering the roof tops and building facades. He came up with an idea to harness the Sun’s energy using a giant or small water filled spheres embedded in the walls of skyscrapers and even on the desktop  as power stations.

The Theory and concept of RawLemon’s work is simple and a play stuff, we did during our childhood!!! Yes, we torched the paper using the Focus glass and watched it burning, same thing here – concentrating the solar energy through the glass and focus in to one hot spot and generate heat energy. The same concept is widely used “Campbell-Strokes Recorder” to measure the Sun Shine You charge the Solar Cell with them in Ground, you don’t have to Install the Tracking device or have to have sophisticated devices.

The gleaming crystal globes concentrates the Diffused light, that can be either Sun or Moon!!! This will create an opportunity for the Solar Power systems to cater into the places have never been thought feasible.

Apart from concentrated solar PV charging this device has several applications which could potentially solve many environmental issues.

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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