Monthly Archives: April 2014

India’s Youth Bulge

Over 814 million citizens going to cast their votes in general elections that begins on coming April 7 2014.In this about 150 million people are first time voters whose age lies between 18 and 25. These young youths plays the vital role to determine the results 2014 India General elections. The youth segment of India’s population growing rapidly and it’s

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Branding Tirupur Manufacturers as Sustainable Suppliers to Nordic Brands

It gives me immense pleasure to communicate you again to update you the progress of the Project initiated by DFSME in Tirupur, To brand Tirupur Manufacturers as a Sustainable Suppliers to Nordic Brands. In the December 2013 a Consultative workshop was conducted and the findings and outcome of the Consultative Workshop was submitted as a Final Report by the Local

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