Branding Tirupur Manufacturers as Sustainable Suppliers to Nordic Brands

It gives me immense pleasure to communicate you again to update you the progress of the Project initiated by DFSME in Tirupur, To brand Tirupur Manufacturers as a Sustainable Suppliers to Nordic Brands.

In the December 2013 a Consultative workshop was conducted and the findings and outcome of the Consultative Workshop was submitted as a Final Report by the Local Consultant Raman Azhahia Manavalan of VRNC-CIF.

<The Report can be downloaded here>

Further to that initiative, DFSME in collaboration with the Local Consultant, initiated the next phase of activities which includes the following

Activity 1:  A Workshop in Tirupur – “Sustainable Textile Production – Nordic Swan Label & EU Eco Label” How to Apply & Obtain the Certificate and Market Potential for Eco-labels. This workshop is planned for 3 Full Days from 19th May to 23rd, with the inaugural session on 19th Evening. The objective of the Workshop is to motivate the companies to adopt best practices to meet the criteria and apply for certification of their choice. The official invitation for the workshop will be send to the registered project stakeholders through email shortly.

Details about the May Month Event will be Updated Shortly!!!.

Activity 2. Promotion in Scandinavia. Facilitating the Business promotion tour in Scandinavia. As of now  about 8 Buyers with retail outlets were shown interested to participate in the Buyer Seller Meet. The DFSME is working on to facilitate the One on One Meeting of Buyers with the Manufacturers of Tirupur. We will be shortlisting the Companies those who have registered with us during our earlier initiative. The detailed Delegation Tour Plan will be updated shortly.

To get updates about the Delegation plz stay connected with us: Call: 09965555774 [Ram-Project Local Consultant] / 09952404568 [Girish - Consulting Partner VRNC]


Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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