India’s Youth Bulge

Over 814 million citizens going to cast their votes in general elections that begins on coming April 7 2014.In this about 150 million people are first time voters whose age lies between 18 and 25. These young youths plays the vital role to determine the results 2014 India General elections.

The youth segment of India’s population growing rapidly and it’s continuing for forth coming years also. One Survey   predicts by 2020, India will be the youngest country in the world, with a median age of 29 years, compared with a median age of 37 years in China at that point. This factor makes India to be a biggest consumer base market and largest labor workforce in this world.

Unfortunately, India youth doesn’t get the chance to acquiring the skills and education that would raise their living to those levels, even assuming enough jobs were created to employ them. According to the recent report from the Pratham, a nonprofit education advocacy group found that half of India’s 7-year-olds cannot identify letters, and one in five 10-year-olds cannot read sentences.

Similarly the Global Youth Wellbeing Index is an effort, put together by the Center for Strategic International Studies, the International Youth Foundation and Hilton Worldwide, gauges 30 countries that represent about 70% of the world’s youth. It looks at six areas: citizen participation, economic opportunity, education, health, information and communications technology, and safety and security. The   India with more than 150 million youth nearly two third of overall population manage to remains only 26th position in the overall list.


A new elect government needs to come up with strong reforms or policies to strengthen the current education system and provide access to affordable, improved education for rural and urban youths. Also needs plans to create at least 10 Million jobs per year to accommodate this large labor force by way of strengthening manufacturing sector. This will be going to expectation from the new government.

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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