Monthly Archives: November 2014

Sustainability Solutions by VRNC & Its Partners

#Energy Auditing #Energy Management #Eco-Labeling #Swan Certification #EU-Flower About VRNC We offer unique Business Development Services to the SME’s to have a progress in their business since 2009 in the domain of Sustainability Solutions. Our Clientele is diversified and Every Consulting Engagement of ours with the Client always ensures a Deep Emotional binding with the Assignment and Success Story to

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Fabric as “Solar Panels” – Innovation in PV Power Generation

UK based Start Up company “The Solar Cloth Company” which has developed a Lightweight Solar Cell fabric which can be used to harness the Solar Energy by stretching the fabric over the surface of Parking Lots, Stadiums and Sun Shades. The solar cloth is a 10 square-meter piece of the cloth weighs around 3.31 Kgs, which is a lot less than

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Negotiations… For Winning or to Compromising?

When you sell high value added products and services, the price negotiations are always tough. My recent encounters made me to raise few questions: How to have a successful negotiation? Do we have to compromise?If Yes To what extend? To be a successful Entrepreneur  “Negotiation Skills” are very much important. Successful negotiation results into “Leap – Transformation” in the business

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