Negotiations… For Winning or to Compromising?

When you sell high value added products and services, the price negotiations are always tough. My recent encounters made me to raise few questions:

How to have a successful negotiation? Do we have to compromise?If Yes To what extend?

To be a successful Entrepreneur  “Negotiation Skills” are very much important. Successful negotiation results into “Leap – Transformation” in the business for the both parties.

In an Article by Linda E. Ginzel, of University of Chicago Booth School of Business shares her methods on how to “Negotiate Like a Boss.” Very thought provoking and giving insights.

What i have Learned: “A Successful Negotiation will be the result of

  1. Preparation
  2. Interest Creation
  3. Value Addition
  4. Position Strategically
  5. Creat Win-Win Situation

We don’t have to compromise, Compromise has to be the last option, it need not to be the Objective in the Negotiation. All we have to do is to “Build trust, share and assess priorities. Questions and queries needs to be answered and interests needs to be listened. Provide Information, avoid biased concessions and create/expect reciprocity.”

Have a Lighter moments!!! Many negotiations remembers me this…

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Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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