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About VRNC

We offer unique Business Development Services to the SME’s to have a progress in their business since 2009 in the domain of Sustainability Solutions. Our Clientele is diversified and Every Consulting Engagement of ours with the Client always ensures a Deep Emotional binding with the Assignment and Success Story to Share. Our Consulting Partners have been recognized by SIDBI and they have been Empanelled in their MSME BDSP List.

Small & Medium Scale Enterprises have good scope to reduce their Energy Consumption and work towards Energy Efficiency. We help enterprises to achieve “Low Hanging” Opportunities to maximize their “Bottom Line” through Energy Saving measures. Our customized Energy Audit, Infrastructural and Utility Conditional monitoring Audit helps the enterprises to identify the Hot Spots in the systems and “Scope for Improving” the performance and also fix the Safety Issues identified.

  1. Electrical Energy System’s Audit
  2. Compressed Air Distribution Systems Audit-Utility Performance Improvement Program.
  3. Infrastructural Audit & Conditional Monitoring of Process Plant Machineries
  4. Energy Management Solutions [Metering & Monitoring through Soft-ware]

Our Findings and Case Studies reveals that the Industry has about 8 to 16% of Energy saving opportunity, just by ad-dressing the “Low Hanging Fruits”!


We have also facilitated the delegation of Tirupur Knit Garment exporters to Denmark to promote “Sustainable Textile Production in Tirupur”, the delegation resulted participated companies to bag new buyers. We have also offering “Swan-EU Flower” Eco label certification consultancy to the manufacturers.

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Industry Segments ServedService folioIndustry Segment: Foundry

Offered services: Assessment, Audit & Utility Cost Reduction Programs.

Industry Segment: Edible Oil Refinery
Offered services: Energy Audit & Energy Management Program.

Industry Segment: Textile Vertical
Offered services: System Implementation, Productivity Improvement, Waste Minimization, Lean, Energy Audit & Energy Management Program.

Industry Segment: Tannery & Leather Goods Manufacturing
Offered services: Energy Audit & Energy Management Program.

Industry Segment: Infrastructure
Offered services: Energy Audit & Energy Management

Industry Segment: Wind Mills
Offered services: Conditional Monitoring

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