Monthly Archives: December 2014

Resilient Tirupur 2014 – News Coverage

VRnC is privileged to be part of Resilient Tirupur Event, The Event which triggered lots of changes in the Cluster. An Event which gave me an identity and assisted me towards progress. Proud Being Part of It!! Thanks Once Again!!

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Always Be Closing…

In a Movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” Alec Baldwin says “Always Be Closing”,that was one of my favorite movie which i have watched more than thrice! In a life of a Sales Man (As a matter of Fact we all Sell) Closing a deal is a thing which counts! Selling is all about “Getting Engage with the Clients and Get Committed”

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“Hiring the Right Person for your Company”-Lecture by Apple’s Former Chief Evangelist

When you hire people for your company, will you be part of the Recruitment team? or Just you sign the papers and leave it to your Recruiters? A lecture by Apple – Mac Evangelist and Auther, Publisher and Entrepreneur (APE) Mr. Guy Kawasaki’s talk on hiring right people for your company will gives us insights.  He explains how the “Hiring”

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