Always Be Closing…

In a Movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” Alec Baldwin says “Always Be Closing”,that was one of my favorite movie which i have watched more than thrice!

In a life of a Sales Man (As a matter of Fact we all Sell) Closing a deal is a thing which counts!

Selling is all about “Getting Engage with the Clients and Get Committed” on what you do and Sell! Commitment is a thing which both needs to have – buyer and seller!

Successful deal closing occurs when you have commitment, that is to say spending enough time on understanding about the product or service by Buyer, Giving enough facilitation by the Seller.

In the Customer Engagement you add value to them, during the negotiation phase your deal likely to get closed based on the “Value” you add not on your negotiation skills or the conversations you made!

Ok, Lets see the how the sale Closing trend during the week days, a recent Big Data Analysis reveals that “Wednesday” is the day when most deals get closed by the sales professionals, where as Friday is the day with significant deal closing with lesser activities.

Always Be Closing – Friday

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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