Story of the “T-Shirt” a “Whiteboard” by Neutral

Today i was doing a small research on a Danish Brand, during when i came across the below video, which portrays the “Story of the T-Shirt” i found it very interesting and innovative.

The makers of this video are Annika, Camilla, Cecilie and Margot. The very essential aspects of being “Sustainable” and Green manufacturing is artistically mentioned in this video.

1. The earth in the first clip

2. The organic farm

3. The Fair Trade – Assists to build School

4. Certified Factory – Which does Reuse the water, Effluent treatment, Workers are wearing masks, Gloves, Ear Plug, Lights are LED!!! The workers are performing Yoga & Meditation!!!!

5. The local Eco System – Nurtured.

6. Exported to all over the world…

Wow!!! One of the creative video which tells the story of a “Green T-Shirt” in a very simple way…

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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