Tirupur as “Sustainable Sourcing Destination” – Eco Labelling Initiative (Nordic Swan / EU Flower)

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that an Apparel Factory in Tirupur has been Certified with “Swan Eco Label“. The Factory is the only factory (as of now) which certified for their “Green Tag” initiative in Tirupur.

Nordic LabelLast year in the month of July, on behalf of Danish Federation of SME, VRNC facilitated 9 member delegation of apparel manufacturers to Denmark to promote Tirupur as a Sustainable Textile Production destination to the Nordic Fashion Brands.

The Project was supported by Nordic Council of Ministers, facilitated by DFSME.

DFSME Community

Branding Tirupur as Green Cluster: – “Recap”

DFSME Oppslaunch of “Branding Tirupur as Green Cluster to Nordic Brands” – Nov-2013

Glimpse of Participants

The Inaugural Session,

Shri. Raja M Shanmugam – CII Tirupur District Council delivering inaugural Speech
Cluster’s Mentor Shri. TR Ramanathan (Auditor)
Shri. Myco M Velusamy CII Tirupur District Council addressing the gathering
Auditor Shri. TR Ramanathan addressing on “Tirupur’s Green Initiatives”
Shri. Palanisamy MD of Armstrong Knitting Mills Pioneer in Green Initiatives and 1st factory applied for EU Flower
Mr. Claus Aabling of Danish Federation of SME, briefing on Project Objectives
Mr. Jakob of Danish Standards explaining about Eco Labelling – Swan & EU Flower

Destination Tirupur: Tirupur2Denmark:
Delegation of 9 apparel exporters to Denmark to promote Tirupur as Sustainable Textile Production to Nordic Brands, in the Month of June 2014.
Click the Image for more details.
Tirupur2Denmark – Buyer Seller Meet at Copenhagen (Click the Image for Detailed View)
The Possibilities “at arms” Length:
Press News on BSM Danish
The DFSME’s Final Report to Norden:

Report Submitted to Norden by Mr. Nygaard, Henning Høy of DFSMESwan Certification Initiatives:

Out of 9 Participated companies, one company came forward to adopt Swan Certification to meet its Buyer’s demand. As the manufacturing company was already done lots of initiatives in terms of Green and Sustainable initiatives, adopting and meeting Swan Label criteria became easy. The Certification was granted by Danish Standard on June 2015.

1st Factory in Tirupur Certified to meet Nordic Swan Label Criteria
Sree Santhosh Garments – 1st Factory in Tirupur Certified to meet Nordic Swan Label Criteria

The successful adoption of Swan Label was possible because of the Technical support of Mr. Jakob of Danish Standards. The commitment and vision towards sustainable initiatives of Shri. Vinoth of SSG is highly appreciable. The efforts put by Shri. Arun Prasad – Compliance Manager of SSG on entire compliance documentation and relevant internal training was highly laudable.

I thank the stakeholders who are Part of the entire Initiative -Branding Tirupur as “Green Destination”.

This is just a Small Step – Tirupur needs to adopt more such initiatives and get transformed into a Global destination for Sustainable Apparel Production.

The Team – which Branded Tirupur as Sustainable Destination to Nordic Buyers. Mr. Mohan of Priyaa, Mr. Subaash of Anugraha Fashions, Mr. Kumar of Realknit, Mr. Vijay of CBC, Mr. Girish of Pacific Ventures, Mr.Chokkalingam of The 500, Mr. Vinoth of Santhosh Garments (Not in this Pic), Mr. Claus Aabling of DFSME, Ms. Pia of DFT, Ms. Randi of DFT.

The entire event’s ‘Storify’ can be read below;

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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