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Dear Stakeholders of Apparel Industry,

We have been working on Collectively to Promote Tirupur as a Green and Sustainable Sourcing Destination  to the Nordic Buyers, as a part of this initiative we have conducted and facilitated various training programs, Factory visits, Buyer Seller Meets, Delegation to Denmark in past.

Almost 3+ Years have completed since we started this initiative with the support from Danish Federation of SME, Danish Fashion & Textile, Nordic Council of Ministers.

Now 4 Apparel Production Facilities in Tirupur & their 16+ Suppliers in Value Chain have been Branded as “Green& Sustainable” and Labelled under “Nordic Swan” & “EU Flower”. These Labels have been recognized and widely popular among the European buyers & Customers.

The Business Opportunities and Engagement with the Buyers have been fruitful for the companies who have adopted this initiative.

An Article of our initiative’s outcome published in EcoTextiles magazine [Check Link Here]

Excerpts from the Article:

Vivikes, one of the Varner brands for women, will this fall launch the first Swan labelled capsule collection for a fashion brand, and the Norwegian Minister for Consumption, Solveig Horne, handed over the official license at a sell-out event of over 200 delegates at the annual conference in Oslo. Using 95 per cent monsoon water for cotton growing, and the Indian factory being wind-powered, the company has been able to ensure that the fibers and production meet the stringent eco-standards which were revised for textiles recently. “Textiles have been one of the most difficult sectors for the Swan label,” said the Minister, and added that apparel and bedding-textiles are next to skin and therefore of increasing concern for consumers.

The Nordic Swan Eco Labelled Factories in “Tirupur” have started getting good orders from their existing as well as new clients.

Mr. Jakob of Danish Standards Delivering his Presentation on Ecolabels April 11th-14th (2016).

We are constantly working with Danish Ecolabelling to Promote Tirupur as a Sustainable Sourcing Destination to Nordic & EU Buyers.

If you are interested to explore the market and engage with sustainability talks Contact us  @ | 09965555774. We will assist you in getting Ecolabel.

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Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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