My MSME Mobile Application by NIC

The NIC recently launched a Mobile App which give access to the MSME Schemes and services by Ministry. The. Screen shot of the app is given below.

The app gives details of the Schemes and the Numbers on Sanctioned Projects and the Amounts. 

App also gives information on Guidelines, Procedures and Process as a step towards transparency.  

This app gives information on Udhyog Aaadhar Registration as on date. With this app MSME’s register for any Schemes and assistance needed. To avail benefits the MSME’s must register for Udhyog Aaadhar, App facilitates registration through Mobile. 

A Step Towards Transparency and Better Engagement with MSME’s. The App can be downloaded from here

-Raman Azhahiamanavaalan (SME Business Development Services)

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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