Financing Energy Efficiency at MSME Projects-Supported by World bank-GEF-SIDBI


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SIDBI along with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is working on an World Bank and GEF funded initiative titled “Financing Energy Efficiency in MSMEs Program (FEEMP)” with the intent to promote energy efficiency in the MSMEs of the Tiruppur, Erode, Coimbatore & Viruthachalam Industrial Cluster. Under the program, CII with its local implementing partner VRNC, would engage with interested manufacturing units for:

  1. Conducting detailed energy audit – to identify cost saving opportunities
  2. Suggest best practices on cleaner production and lean manufacturing
  3. Knowledge dissemination on best available technology relevant to your cluster nationally and internationally


Identified Investment Grade Opportunities will be supported with the Financial Assistance by SIDBI at the rate of Interest 8.12% per annum for the period of 5 Years Tenure.

To discuss more details about the project and the potential benefits from this Project Initiative, we request you to Register your interest and schedule for a brief inception meeting at your plant facility with the project team CII/VRNC/SIDBI. Call 9965555774

So far, 48 MSMEs from 13 Industry Segments from Foundry to Food Processing from 4 Industrial Clusters  have been engaged with the Project to explore Energy & Resource Efficiency Opportunities in their facilities.

Status Pic
Status of the FEEMP Audit

If you are interested to Register for the Project plz Register Here

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Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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