Minimize your Energy & Resource Costs through FEEMP Initiative Supported by WorldBank & SIDBI

Increasing Operational Costs and growing concerns for Environment and Pollution are major challenges faced by the manufacturing sector, especially the MSMEs. Not Anymore !!! World Bank and SIDBI have launched a program called Financing Energy Efficiency at MSMEs Project (FEEMP) to provide financial assistance to MSMEs to identify and address Resource Efficiency  ( Energy+ Lean + Cleaner production) opportunities in their factories. Needless to say, “Profits lie within the Boundary walls of the Factory!!! “. We need to harvest them by adopting the Best Practices in Resource Efficiency.

Financing Energy Efficiency at MSMEs Project (FEEMP)

Profits are Within your Boundary walls of your Factory!!!

… Harvest it by Start Adopting Best Practices in Resource Efficiency

  1. Are you an MSME?
  2. Willing to work towards Resource Efficiency Initiatives?
  3. Having Production Facilities in Tirupur, Erode, Coimbatore, Karur & Viruthachalam?

Financing Energy Efficiency at MSMEs Project

SIDBI along with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is working on an World Bank and GEF funded initiative titled “Financing Energy Efficiency in MSMEs Program (FEEMP)” with the intent to promote energy efficiency in the MSMEs of the Tiruppur, Erode, Coimbatore & Viruthachalam Industrial Cluster. Under the program, CII with its local implementing partner VRNC, would engage with interested manufacturing units for detailed Audit & Hand holding.
  1. Conduct detailed energy audit – to identify cost saving opportunities
  2. Suggest best practices on cleaner production and lean manufacturing
  3. Knowledge dissemination on best available technology relevant to your cluster nationally and internationally

What is FEEMP?

Project Brief – Achievements at Various Clusters Through this Program, Our Audit team will assess and evaluate your facility and identify Energy, Resource Efficiency Opportunities and assist you to implement the same.

Achieved so far in Tirupur, Erode, Karur & Various Clusters

40+ MSMEs have been registered in this Program. 21 MSMEs have been audited. Annual Savings of INR 5.5 Crore Saving Potential have been identified, which is equal to Emission reduction of 2853 tCO2 per Annum. FEEMP – CII-VRNC Project Team 

If you want to enroll your company or to know more about this program feel free to reach us; Mr. R Azhahia Manavalan (9965555774) Mr. Akshay Koul (9550253830) Mr. Karthick (9524944115)

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Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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