Children Shouldn’t Work in Factories, But on Dreams!!!

Dear Friends and Stakeholders of Tirupur,

International Labour Organization or better known as ILO, Celebrating its Centenary this year. Today ILO celebrates “12th June 2019 as World Day Against Child Labour” to mark their progress achieved over a 100 Years of its presence and Support to countries on tackling child labour. 

“It is the exploitation of childhood which constitutes the evil… most unbearable to the human heart. Serious work in social legislation begins always with the protection of children.” Albert Thomas, the first ILO Director

The Report published by Alliance in 2016 claims that,

Let us Discuss on Tirupur and Child Labour, In the year 2000 the Fair wear Foundation an NGO working towards assisting companies towards creating Better working environment and Improving Living standards of Workforce in Garment facilities, announced that “No Child Labour Involved in Tirupur for Manufacturing of Apparel“. The detailed report & News Article on the same can be downloaded from these Links [1] [2]

We the Apparel Manufacturers of Tirupur and Spinning Industries of Tamilnadu – India, have made remarkable efforts in making our Industry Child Labour Free. The credit goes to various Stakeholders which includes Certification Initiatives, NGOs, Associations and The HR fraternity.

Today i am requesting each and Every one of the HR Fraternity and an appeal to the Management to take part in this Pride of declaring Our Tirupur as a Child Labour Free Apparel manufacturing hub by celebrating the “World Day Against Child Labour” and Tweet with #NoChildLabour_in_Tirupur #WorldDayAgainstChildLabour and tag us in Social media.  Lets Use this Opportunity to brand our cluster in a better way.

Use the Official Poster Published by the ILO [Poster WDACL 2019] and conduct a small gathering with your HR Team & Workforce at your facility discuss on your Commitment towards making the factory Free From Child Labour and Improving the Working standards and Take Photo and Share in Twitter and Tag @manoigr @texpreneurs @ILO_Childlabour @ILONewDelhi with #WorldDayAgainstChildLabour, #NoChildLabour_in_Tirupur

Download – Poster WDACL 2019

You can Also Send me Your Celebration Picture in Whatsapp +91-9965555774

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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