Save Water up-to 70% through Hawa Water Tap

Do you Know You Can Save more than 70% of your Domestic Hand Wash Water Use by Replacing your Water Taps?One of our latest surveys reveals that more than 15% of the Domestic consumption is for the Hand W

One of our latest surveys reveals that more than 15% of the Domestic consumption is for the Hand Wash Purpose in Canteens, Hostels Etc., The Hand & Plate Washing Behaviour of us is the root cause for water wastage, Changing the behavior is challenging and time-consuming, but how about a uniquely designed Water Tap solving this behavioural issue? Yes, A Pune based Valves Design Company “Hawa Valves” has designed a unique Water Tap.

Hawa Valves is manufacturing this Energy Efficient Water Taps to be primarily used at the Mosque’s “Wazu” activity. When we reviewed this product,  we have learned that this unique product could save Millions of Water Daily at our Factory’s Canteens, Hostels, and Wash Areas.

On average the Employee before and after his/her meal he washes his hands and plates for about more than 45 Seconds, during which the water tap has been kept open and the water getting wasted all the time.

We have replaced the Conventional Tap, with the “Hawa-Water Efficient Taps” In which the water discharged only during the time of the actual washing period which is only 17 Seconds. This results in significant water Usage reduction in the Hand Wash Areas.

While washing we tend to spend a minimum of 45 Seconds to wash our hands/Plates and throughout the period of time, we keep the Tap open which results in Wastage of Water.

Hand Washing B4 Prayer

This Uniquely designed Tap, allows the user to access the water by pushing the Vertical lever into sideways and thus results in the Controlled delivery of water for the specific User. Ideal for the Hand Washing Areas in Home, Colleges, Canteen, Schools, Hostels, Theaters, Hotels, Marriage & Convention Halls

Water Tap

In our Case study, we have learned that this Water Tap results in Water Savings of up to 70% of the Existing water Consumption.

If you want to buy this Tap, Book your Order by <Clicking Here> You can Avail discount of up to 10% on its price by using the Coupon code “VRNC”. For bulk procurement, you can reply to this mail.

Courtesy: We thank Shri. Srihari Balakrishnan of KG Fabriks for identifying this Unique product and helping the Eco System to have more Sustainability Initiatives.


Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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  1. Sir, I am from Lucas TVS, Chennai. We would like to try this concept. We have more than 1000 now of taps in out factory. Would like to have sample for checking purpose.

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