How an Invasive Plant from South America became Popular in Factories of Tirupur

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Today I am going to share some interesting facts about, How an Invasive Plant from South America became Popular in Many factories of Tirupur.

Lantana Camara, a Flowering Plant native to the Americas, has spread from its native Central and South America to around 50 countries in the world as an Invasive Species. 

Lantana Camara
  • This  Lantana Camara is toxic to Livestocks, Such as Cattle, Sheep, Horse, Goat & Dogs. Animals that eats this plant get affected by Liver Damage & Photosensitivity (Allergic to Sunlight).
  • This Plant reduces the growth of surrounding plants and affects the ecosystem.
  • Some of the Researchers claims, the Green Unriped Fruits are Toxic to Humans too.
fruits of Lantana Camara
Widely seen in our Roadsides

Nearly 4% (about 13 million hectares) of India’s landmass is infested with Lantana, an invasive species which degrades the soil and inhibits the growth of all other vegetation. According to an estimate in 2001, invasive species caused damages worth $91 billion to agriculture and forestry in India.

I have seen this Plant in most of my Client’s Factory Landscape as a Flowering Plant-sourced from the nursery. Without understanding the impacts of this plant to the Biodiversity we have been growing this into our land. Remove the Lantana Plantation in your facility/Land by uprooting it. Even a small piece of Stem will sprout and grow, so remove it carefully. I request you to share this and educate your Gardener on the Native & Invasive Species and protect the Ecosystem.

Thanks to WWF India – Coimbatore, Shri.Sanket & his Team on the insights of Lantana and its impacts On the Ecosystem of Western Ghats.

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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