National Creche Scheme – Will this Scheme be useful for Tirupur?

Dear Friends,

National Creche Scheme, a Scheme promoted through the “Ministry of  Women & Child Development”Government of India. This scheme Extends Support for Infrastructure, Resources for setting up Creche for the Working Women’s Kids.

More than 50% of the workforce in Tirupur are Women and as per the compliance requirement exporters have to set up Creche facility, if the industry explores the opportunity through the scheme it would be a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.

Scheme Details As Follows, (Snapshot of few important Points)

More Details about the Scheme Can be Read Here<Revised RGNCSScheme_210515>

I request the NGOs & Associations to explore opportunities to Setup the Creche through the Scheme.

Note: Our Organization does not facilitate any service related to this scheme, This article is intended to give details about the scheme only.


Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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