20 Points to consider while reopening our factories after Lockdown COVID19 Crisis

Dear Friends,

I have Listed necessary precautions we have to take at our factories once we commence our operation,

  1. Ensure you have well connected and well informed with your Local Health Officials – District Health Officer, Sanitation Officer, Etc
  2. Perform Disinfection with the support of District administration or by yourself before Opening
  3. Ensure the Workplace has adequate Ventilation
  4. Three Level Disinfection Measures – Hand Wash, Disinfection over the Body & Uniform, Running Water Washing for Legs/Shoes.
  5. Provide Hand wash Area before Attendance Punching Section
  6. Use Bleach Solution or Disinfectant for cleaning the Door Knobs, Handles, Machines Parts, Handrails, Lift Switches, Etc
  7. Create the Checklists for Routine Cleaning with Disinfectant, Periodic Health Checkup,
  8. Never allow your Workforce to Spit in Places, (This is common in many factories instruct them well before entering the factory or Provide a Bleaching Powder sprayed Isolated Place for Smoking & Spitting)
  9. Keep Enough Stock of Bleaching Powder, Disinfectant, Hand wash, Necessary PPEs
  10. If you have Dust bins Ensure those Dust bins are Closed one and Wastes are being collected in the Garbage bags. Handle and dispose of with Care
  11. If you witness anyone Cough or Sneeze or Having any Symptoms deploy your In house First Aid team and Isolate them and Attend them immediately.
  12. Educate the Workforce on basic Etiquettes on Sneezing, Coughing and Etc
  13. Ensure Your Accountants, Office Admins, HRs workforce are not using Saliva for counting Money, paper, Pieces, etc. (Provide them Wet Sponge Cup)
  14. Do necessary layout changes to meet the Social distancing
  15. Mark the Canteens, Biometric Systems, Administration Blocks, Reception areas with Marker for Social distancing
  16. Identify the “Hot Spot” / “Quarantined Places” in your City and List them and Hand over to the Security & Reception, Whoever visiting/coming to your facility must be enquired for their Place of Residence, Factory Location and From where they are coming (Latest Visit). Crosscheck with the Hot Spot list and do the necessary steps as a precaution.
  17. Limit Travels
  18. Use Applicable Displays and Sign Posters on COVID 19
  19. Support Your Workforce. Encourage them to be more Engaged and Extend all possible support to them and their family.
  20. Invite Your workforce to innovate to find solutions to address challenges at this crisis COVID19 times.


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  2. https://www.mygov.in/covid-19
  3. https://www.who.int/

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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