Preparation for Export business for Trends in Europe – Post Corona

The Corona Pandemic has caused a huge setback for industries and businesses in the last two years, After the vaccination drive Nations are recovering and businesses are set to “Re-Ignition” mode.

Having served with the Apparel Exports business environment, we are witnessing a major impact on business as well as emerging new opportunities during as well as Post Corona.

This article aims to give insights on the Possible Shift in business scenarios post covid and for which the Small and Medium Enterprises must be prepared.

5 Factors which Influence the Post Covid Business

  1. Technology Adoption
  2. Social Responsibility & Accountability
  3. Business Eco-Systems
  4.  Skill Development
  5. Improved Engagement of Buyers and Customers

These 5 Factors play a crucial role in shaping any business post covid, especially in Europe as per the insights and analysis by the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries. Lets Explore by throwing these ideas,

  1. How New Innovations and Automations can be implemented in our business process? How the competitive cost of warehousing and Lean/Agile manufacturing practices help our businesses to excel?
  2. Fair Wages and Better Working Conditions, How can you ensure your Workplace has better and improved Air Quality? How do you ensure and demonstrate the Fair Wage Practices adopted?
  3. How to offer Transparency and Tracebaility of our Value chain and Enable the Buyers to take well informed decisions?
  4. Insights on Sustainability and Sustainable Raw material along with the measures addressing wellbeing of workforce.
  5. Create and Build the Ecosystem of Suppliers, Vendors and Partners to improve the Brand Positioning and Visibility.

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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