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We constantly do lot many research in terms of adopting the  Right Technological tools for improving our activities, one which we have concerned lot is “Data Collection and Analysis”. Being a start up company we often encounter the problems of “Un authentic” information and numbers.  For any industry to drive towards progress we have to do “Market research” and analysis.

For the question of “How We can effectively adopt the Technological Open Source Tools for the Market Surveys? and Research?

We have the answer!

Yes, Our Simple but effective “Survey Tool” empower the Users to create online Surveys and get the interactive Reports.

Recently I have participated in the “Closed Group” meeting of Vanguards of Tirupur, where we have discussed about data collection and getting the right numbers about the Business. Our beloved Auditor Shri. Ramanathan, Once said, “If some one want to quote about the Tirupur, They Immediately say the Tirupur’s Turn Over is 12,000 Crores of Indian Rupees, apart from that we have no idea What this City is!”.

Yes It is True, Today We have initiated steps towards developing “Online Survey” Tool as one of our Start Up Experiments. We seek all your blessings and Support in making this Experiment initiative grand Success.

Its the right time that we have to step forward and construct a reliable and worth sharing information about Tirupur and its Business.

We will soon Update you with the “Online Survey Platform”.


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