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Far from What We Once was, But Not Yet What We are Going To Be

Its great pleasure and honor to share our progress with our stakeholders,

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An Infographic on “Business Consulting” by “Zipursky” Brothers of BCB

Recently i took part in a Survey which was conducted by the “Business Consulting Buzz”, today they have shared their survey findings, The Info graphic below reveals how the Consulting Business works! It also gives us lot many ideas in a very subtle way about the opportunities and potentials in the Consulting Domain. The survey clearly indicates that, the Conventional

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Start-Up Experiments

We at Virtual Vastra [Virtual Research and Consultancy] constantly works on various initiatives to explore the opportunities to design and develop Products and services to improvise the “Virtual Working Environment” and to assist the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises [SME’s]. Our Start Up Experiments Assists the Young Entreprenuers to Nurture & Shape their Ideas and help them to Transform their

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