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Is Lunch break influence the Sales performance and working pattern?

Recently, as a part of my job i was working on an analysis to improve my sales performance. An article by a sales application provider gave me lots of insights and to streamline myself towards the path of better sales performance. In any sales man’s daily activity the expected productivity curve would be below, the sales activity peaks at 11:00

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Infosys CEO & MD Dr. Vishal Sikka on “Problem Solving & Engaging People”

Former SAP.AG Executive Board and Global Managing Board and Infosys CEO & MD Dr. Vishal Sikka share his views  on Problem Solving and Engaging People. This interview was on his 1st day at Infosys, it is very much useful for those who wish to “Actively Engage their Employees and stakeholders” to visualize the Vision of their organization.

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Always Be Closing…

In a Movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” Alec Baldwin says “Always Be Closing”,that was one of my favorite movie which i have watched more than thrice! In a life of a Sales Man (As a matter of Fact we all Sell) Closing a deal is a thing which counts! Selling is all about “Getting Engage with the Clients and Get Committed”

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Negotiations… For Winning or to Compromising?

When you sell high value added products and services, the price negotiations are always tough. My recent encounters made me to raise few questions: How to have a successful negotiation? Do we have to compromise?If Yes To what extend? To be a successful Entrepreneur  “Negotiation Skills” are very much important. Successful negotiation results into “Leap – Transformation” in the business

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The Art of Startup

Today i listened the podcast of Guy Kawasaki in which he discussed about the “Art of Startup” The purpose of any start up has to be fit in the following three, Increase the quality of Life  Right a Wrong Prevent the end of Something Good I am very glad and proud of my own start up experiments and my engagement

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An Infographic on “Business Consulting” by “Zipursky” Brothers of BCB

Recently i took part in a Survey which was conducted by the “Business Consulting Buzz”, today they have shared their survey findings, The Info graphic below reveals how the Consulting Business works! It also gives us lot many ideas in a very subtle way about the opportunities and potentials in the Consulting Domain. The survey clearly indicates that, the Conventional

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