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Lets Move towards “Cashless Economy”

Government of India is encouraging people to move towards a Cashless Economy. Cashless Economy can be achieved when the use of cash within the economy is gradually reduced and all transactions are made through electronic channels such as direct debit, credit and debit cards, electronic clearing, and payment systems such as Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)

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World Bank Report on “Stitches to Riches? : Apparel Employment, Trade, and Economic Development in South Asia”

World Bank Group recently published a report named “Stitches to Riches” explores how South Asia’s growing Population can be given with better Job and Potential for high labour intensive apparel market to go for more expansion, it also points out the increasing costs of Chinese Apparel Production. The report details and recommends “Policy level” directives. This post will discuss on

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India’s Youth Bulge

Over 814 million citizens going to cast their votes in general elections that begins on coming April 7 2014.In this about 150 million people are first time voters whose age lies between 18 and 25. These young youths plays the vital role to determine the results 2014 India General elections. The youth segment of India’s population growing rapidly and it’s

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Packaged Water In India

The Globalized economy made the water as a “Blue Gold”.  Water is the commodity for which people and countries are waging war! The following “Maps” shows the conflicts of Water in World dated from 1 BC to till date. [View the Gallery below]. The water levels are dropping rapidly, the figure shows the total area of the water resource lakes

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