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Supply Chain Frauds and 3 Ways to Fix it

Business runs on the Complex Networks of Business Operations, Resources and resource Partner networks, the opportunities for fraud, waste, and abuse have multiplied. Companies have to look into their system to scrutinize as well as  fix the gaps identified. In an article published by, David Landsman, Marcus Puschke, Lilliana Grbic, and Stephanie Overby the Supply Chain Frauds were assessed, based on

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Negotiations… For Winning or to Compromising?

When you sell high value added products and services, the price negotiations are always tough. My recent encounters made me to raise few questions: How to have a successful negotiation? Do we have to compromise?If Yes To what extend? To be a successful Entrepreneur  “Negotiation Skills” are very much important. Successful negotiation results into “Leap – Transformation” in the business

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