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World Bank Report on “Stitches to Riches? : Apparel Employment, Trade, and Economic Development in South Asia”

World Bank Group recently published a report named “Stitches to Riches” explores how South Asia’s growing Population can be given with better Job and Potential for high labour intensive apparel market to go for more expansion, it also points out the increasing costs of Chinese Apparel Production. The report details and recommends “Policy level” directives. This post will discuss on

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Tirupur as “Sustainable Sourcing Destination” – Eco Labelling Initiative (Nordic Swan / EU Flower)

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that an Apparel Factory in Tirupur has been Certified with “Swan Eco Label“. The Factory is the only factory (as of now) which certified for their “Green Tag” initiative in Tirupur. Last year in the month of July, on behalf of Danish Federation of SME, VRNC facilitated 9 member delegation of apparel manufacturers

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Energy Conservation Opportunities in Industries & Buildings

Society of Energy Engineers and Managers in collaboration with (SEEM) Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) conducted One day Workshop on “Energy Conservation Opportunities in Industries & Buildings” in Tirupur in association with Sripuram Tirupur, TTPK, VRNC and Mangla Smart Energy Solutions. The session was well attended by the stakeholders, there were about 47 participants out of which about 30 are

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