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Sustainable Fashion through Eco-label – The Growing market in Denmark – A Review

India is 6th among the exporters of apparel goods to Denmark, According to Denmarks Statistics, a household of two adults without children spends approximately USD $2,400 on clothing, while a household with at least one child spends approximately USD $4,200 per year. A recent survey on the demand for Ecolabelled products gave us new insights into the growing demand for

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Inspire your Employees by defining the “Purpose of Your Organization”

  A Recent HBR Article discuss the findings on a survey by Calling Brands, Claims that Two-thirds said a higher purpose would motivate them to go the extra mile in their jobs. The below video tells us, How KPMG assisting and Transforming Nations through its Service. This powerful Message made a significant impact among its employees to have  an improved

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