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Will the Robots Replace the Human Workforce in Apparel Factories?

An Article published in the Economist had the Title, “Sewing Cloths Still Needs Human Hands, But For How Much Longer”? Thought Provoking Question, Will we be able to find our Answer in this Decade? The Economist further added that, In 1970, William J Bank, President of the Blue Jeans Corporation, Predicted that there would be a Man on Mars before

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Paper as a Water Purifier – Book which kills Bacteria and Clean the Water

Around the world over 3.4 million people die from water-borne diseases every year, Access to clean water is became a challenge. To provide access to clean water, we have two options; Creating an awareness on “Keeping the Local Water Supply as clean” Creating a simple, reliable way to clean the water. The governments and NGO’s are spending resources on creating

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