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Is Lunch break influence the Sales performance and working pattern?

Recently, as a part of my job i was working on an analysis to improve my sales performance. An article by a sales application provider gave me lots of insights and to streamline myself towards the path of better sales performance. In any sales man’s daily activity the expected productivity curve would be below, the sales activity peaks at 11:00

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Always Be Closing…

In a Movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” Alec Baldwin says “Always Be Closing”,that was one of my favorite movie which i have watched more than thrice! In a life of a Sales Man (As a matter of Fact we all Sell) Closing a deal is a thing which counts! Selling is all about “Getting Engage with the Clients and Get Committed”

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The Automobile Sales: Indian Vs Foreign Manufacturers

The New Indian Express article on The domestic sales and export of Cars, says Indian car makers continue to post declining sales numbers. Where as the foreign car makers like Honda Mercedes-Benz continue to show positive numbers. Click the image below and read in detail. #Consumer Sentiment? #Gloomy Economy? #High Interest rates?

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