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Paper as a Water Purifier – Book which kills Bacteria and Clean the Water

Around the world over 3.4 million people die from water-borne diseases every year, Access to clean water is became a challenge. To provide access to clean water, we have two options; Creating an awareness on “Keeping the Local Water Supply as clean” Creating a simple, reliable way to clean the water. The governments and NGO’s are spending resources on creating

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Bottled Water – Safe? Be Smart in Choosing your Bottled water Brand

Packaged Drinking water is being sold and served by “Single Use” water bottles,  usually made from Poluethylene terephthalate [PET/PETE] which is cost effective and light weight.  Is the PET bottles are safe? free from bacteria? No monomer release during repeated use? A study found traces of a phthalate, a harmful plasticiser, used to make the plastics more flexible, in water

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Packaged Water In India

The Globalized economy made the water as a “Blue Gold”.  Water is the commodity for which people and countries are waging war! The following “Maps” shows the conflicts of Water in World dated from 1 BC to till date. [View the Gallery below]. The water levels are dropping rapidly, the figure shows the total area of the water resource lakes

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